Open Source

About This Section

The development of molecular diagnostic kits and qPCR kits for disease diagnosis is carried out through a collaborative effort between students, professionals, entrepreneurs and scientists on a voluntary basis.

At ViroDet we believe in the importance of sharing knowledge, documenting, disseminating and ensuring that it is accessible to all levels of society. That is why ViroDet is an Open Science project. In this section you will be able to know the scientific background of the project and progress, through updates.

Our Work

We are currently working on the validation stage of our enzymes for the RT-qPCR kits. The work consists of testing them with real RNA samples from SARS-CoV-2 positive people. We do this in allied research laboratories that have biosafety facilities.

Figure 1. The image above shows the process of sample treatment for SARS-CoV-2 identification. 1) The sample is taken from a patient and put into a transport solution. 2) Extraction kits are used to obtain the genetic material in the sample. 3) RT-qPCR kits are used to retrotranscribe the RNA into DNA and allow the amplification of DNA. 4) The DNA in the sample is amplified and quantified inside a qPCR thermal cycler.

We have organized our initiative in strategic stages.


Goal: testing our kits in the development stage on 100 volunteers.

Collaboration with Laboratories

Goal: send the kit to 10 Mexican laboratories for validation.


Goal: Submission the test to evaluation by InDRE and COFEPRIS.

Final test pilot production.

Goal: Development of 1,000 tests for detection of COVID-19


Goal: Documenting and registering the test under the OpenSource license.