The Team

Yeni Peña

NutriYé CEO and co-founder. Trained in biotechnology.

Daniel Domínguez

Biotechnology engineer from IPN. Specialized in technology transfer and biotechnology business development. Co-founder and strategic alliances director at Allbiotech.

Minerva Castellanos

COO and co-founder of Scintia. Fellow of the Global Community Biotechnology Initiative. Allbiotech Leader.

Ricardo Chávez

Scintia CEO. iGEM Ambassador for Latin America. Allbiotech Leader. Join Advisory Council of CIBIOGEM.

César Cardona, Ph.D.

Researcher of the CONACyT Chair program, commissioned by the National Polytechnic Institute. Biotechnology enthusiast about the study and understanding of nature and its application in biological medical sciences.

Alan Ávila

Nanotechnology Engineer from ITESM with focus in biomaterials and regenerative medicine. Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard alumni. Researcher at Laboratory for Nanomedicine, Saudi Arabia.

Alejandro Espinosa

CEO and founder of Nitrocel Technologies. Founder of BioLaunch.

Jesús Hernández, Ph.D.

Researcher at FEMSA Center of Biotechnology focused on the discovery and characterization of biomolecules of natural origin by transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics.

Carlos Cordero

Biotechnology Engineer with molecular and synthetic biology specializations. Masters student in molecular medicine at Charité, Berlin University of Medicine. Formulation scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germany.

Alejandra Garza

CBDO in Biotech Startup. Biotechnology Engineer and MBA with marketing specialization. Agile Project Manager.

Mario Peña

Genomic biotechnologist from UANL and doctorate student in Yale University. Experience in molecular virology at Yale, Columbia, UT, and CINVESTAV.

David Miranda

Government advisor in science and technology for development. Biotechnology focused in Government and Public Transformation.

Gustavo Navarro

NutriYé co-founder. Trained in biotechnology.

Uriel Barboza

Biotechnology Engineer from ITESM. MSc in synthetic and systems biology at University of Edinburgh. Synthetic engineering experience at University of Edinburgh, Stanford University, and University of Calgary.

Heber Torres

Teacher at UANL. Latin American iGEM ambassador. Educational program coordinator at Scintia. Founder of “Túnel de la Biología Sintética.”

José Gómez

Nanotechnology and Chemical Sciences Student. Bioentrepreneur.

Eugenio Guzmán

Programmer and biotechnology engineering student with focus in biocatalysis.

Isaac García

Biotechnology Student with specialization in Molecular Biology.